In the theatre

      SL ISO - Second Life International Symphony Orchestra is the first virtual symphony orchestra that was founded by Fly Kugin in the virtual world, in name of Second Life, and owned by its members. 

    SL-ISO performed its first concert on Second Life stages with Fly Kugin's single song Frozen Tears releasing event in August 28th, 2022. The orchestra members are volunteered actor-avatars who like to attend a musical journey and add their contributions as being a resident in Second Life. 

    As a part of repertoires and concerts featuring symphonic works and backing tracks, SL-ISO aims to provide a real music experience to the audience by creating a real life concert type atmosphere, as well as providing a visual feast for Second Life listeners.

    Conductor : Bora Eroglu

    Symphony Manager: Grace Blakewell

    2022 © Founded by Fly Kugin

SL ISO - SL International Symphony Orche