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Charity Concert Series in SL

Next Event is coming soon, October!

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Fly, as a live violin performer in Second Life, has been organizing a big charity project called "The White Mask" since January 2020. We have a creative team, who works for this event, which includes live music venues and art galleries, a manager, a light director and a public relation specialist.

"The White Mask 5 - The Beatles"is a different kind of charity concerts series. Each of the series has special theme. (Link: All Events) In this event, Fly played dual stream with Second Life's talented and unique musicians; Tally Mercury, Zachh Cale and Maximillion Kleene (SL Music Partners)


It is organized for charity, all income/tips will be donated to the foundation "Dutch Children Cancer Society - KIKA"

Special thanks to Toya Drexxar (MsToya Bailey) from to collaborate with The White Mask and give us this opportunity to hold children's hands organizing a great concert atmosphare in SL. 

KIKA Website: Website:


The White Mask Stage - LM:

DATE: August 16th, 2020 / Sunday

TIME: 10 Am. Slt.

SPONSORS: Click Here

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Tally Mercury (formerly Tallyesin) is a singer/songwriter performing acoustic shows in SL since 2011. He has a 20 year history as a performer meandering though the UK and abroad. Tally is a storyteller with a sound that is both soothing and powerful. He does a wide range of songs that span genre and time. Some of his choices are recognizable and some will be songs you've not heard before but all are guaranteed to be memorable. From the Beatles to Adele, Coldplay to Bastille, Tally has a distinct style that keeps bringing people back.



Zachh Cale is a live performer in SL - singer and keyboardist and songwriter.  He has studied keyboard and classical music, and performed in various concerts and cabarets in the NY area.  He re-interprets rock, pop and jazz songs in unique way, and no two times are the same!.  He's influenced by both classical composers, and contemporary pop, rock abd jazz.  If you enjoy a wide range of music, from jazz standards, to American songbook, to pop and rock, and the sound of piano and keyboards, you'll enjoy his shows.



Streaming from Niagara Falls, Maximillion Kleene brings a vast repertoire of popular music to Second Life. His dynamic musical range and smooth groove has earned Max 12 Avi-Choice Awards over the last 4 years (2012-2016) in multiple categories including Favorite Male Performer and Favorite Pop Singer

Max started his music career with formal study of piano at the Royal Conservatory but quickly realized that it was the guitar guys who got the chicks. By 19, he was seriously immersed to the very center of his musical soul in AC/DC and from there branched out to experiment with sounds that range from Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters, The Beatles to Jason Mraz. He brings high energy and a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life. Oozing charisma and charm, he provides his fans with an hour of musical magic.  

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